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TCTD Links for 2011-02-16

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BROOKLN NY [US] JAN 29 2011 – I/O @ Vaudeville Park $5 All Ages

I/O Chip Music/Visual Art
Vaudeville Park
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, Jan 29 2011
All Ages





I/O Chip Music – Visuals

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Ave
(corner of Bushwick and Devoe St)
Brooklyn NY 11211

L train to Graham Ave

Google Map:

I/O is a monthly chip music and visuals show in New York. I/O is free to
play and free or low cost to attend, with the aim of providing exposure and
new audiences for chip musicians and visualists.

Hosted by Vaudville Park
Vaudville Park was started by Ian Colletti as an event space catering to artists and performance groups in the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Open to collaborative and cross-disciplinary experimentation, Vaudville Park welcomes proposals for actions that trample on the conventional distinctions between artistic disciplines, styles, between the performer and audience, body and mind, hem and haw, pot and kettle, etc.


[CDK 045] Dauragon C. Mikado - The Inner Workings

All the way from Washington D.C., Blog fiend/Musician/all-round chill motherfucker Dauragon C. Mikado (or Dauragon to his friends) has slammed 5 tracks of hip-hop goodness this way. From a slight bobbing of the head to full on hip-worrying booty shakin’, Dauragon covers all the necessary dance styles with class, and plenty of obscure pop culture references.


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Scrubs Helping Scrubs: Dauragon interviewed for NPR

haynie_story1Parris Haynie writes Chiptunes music under the pseudonym Dauragon C. Mikado, a name inspired from the main villain in the Playstation 2 game, The Bouncer. In his room, Haynie says, he creates his hip hop infused Chiptunes songs using a program called Nanoloop. He presses the buttons on the clearly aged game boy to form patterns of notes in the program and the small speakers output this.


Read the interview here:

You can also grab his split with E.S.C and big-chip, Bitches, out on kittenrock now.

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Presidents Day Release Flood- 8GB, Coova and Bud Melvin, and more

Many wonderful releases flood the webz over the weekend. First is two great releases from 8bitpeoples:


Can you dig it?

TCTD’s own 8GB has released his all new EP  “Pravda“. 4 hard hitting screeds of alien commie chip agitprop enforce the new old tech chip style.  From his release:

“Those who lack discipline will be given some. 8GB’s Pravda (The Truth) continues their globe-trotting persuasion that has only one end: World Audiovisual Domination! 8GB’s open-minded approach to chip music twists the barriers of hardware limitations and attacks various oldschool platforms at the same time, while delivering the goods to shake booties all around and convert many chip non-believers to their regime. The Truth is out there, but the question remains: Smozhezh ti’ vi’derzhat’ pravdu?”

Then 8BP dares to up the ante with a secret collab between Coova and Bud Melvin. How they came to meet, is explained on the release page:


!!!!!! - B. Leo

“After meeting in New York at the first Blip Festival, the scheme was hatched. The most unlikely of collaborations, between two of chip music’s most enigmatic individuals, would be conducted in secrecy over the next year. Delicately woven Game Boy loops conspire with hypnotic banjo patterns. Layers of guitar dance over uncanny vocals. This is the EP you might have once heard, far-off in the static between two AM radio stations.

And finally the weekend saw the release of Two 8bit novices:

Natty – These Days I Expect The Worst

Dauragon – :re Baggage

Easy Listening!