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J Arthur Keenes, deadbeatblast, Battle Lava Live in Toronto Video

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REBOOT – Chip Music Trading Cards

Along with the debut of REBOOT – Chip Music Concert Series which took place in Brooklyn Aug 7th, Chip-Con is also debuting the release of the first official line of chip music trading cards. The first set of 6 features the artists that were part of the REBOOT # 1: IAYD, I_CACTUS, CHROMIX, SMILETRON, DEADBEATBLAST and INVADERBACCA. The cards are printed full color on foil, featuring established talented photographers from the chip community.

The cards are FREE and there is also FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the United States & Canada. To get yours, log in to

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TCTD Links for 2010-07-13

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  • Mister Beep – Binary Universe #
  • Feryl – “The Last of Autumn” Teaser #
  • RT @8static: Animal Style’s LSDJ talk from last night is already up on Vimeo: #
  • Take you out {midines, guitars, vocals} – sadnes #
  • ODD017 – The Smittens Baby, Don’t You Know? (Kochalka Quality Mix by James Kochalka) #
  • Matt Nida’s Piggy to Roland tape sync Mod #
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  • RT @blipfestival: • BLIP FESTIVAL SCANDINAVIA • September 17-18, 2010 • Platform 4 • Aalborg, Denmark • #
  • DiHalt’2010 compo results – #
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  • RT @GoshaDole: Chip tunes panel at PAX this year! #
  • RT @deamonmusic: Just read an interview where the interviewer asked Unicorn Kid “Which comes first, the music or the lyrics ?” He makes… #

DEADBEATBLAST / Splatter Happy / Bitmasters net label

1. Starscape
2. Fate has failed
3. Breezy shores
4. Hero of light
5. Head shot
6. Mastermind
7. Rumble Pak
8. This might be the end
9. Kiras Quest
10. Thundershock
11. Karate Kid ( Atari ST )
12. Bombs falling X7-9