Chipmusic • Week In Review

Profiles in Courage: Deafguy

hlvs-coverI’m not sure how I became aware of him, but even back in early 2004 when it was still pretty new to me, Deafguy struck me as an both fresh and unique take on basic LSDJ based chip-pop. His ultra-spartan website explains:

One day I woke up and couldn’t hear a thing. Someone had put bread in my ears. I tried to remove it, but something went wrong. Terrible wrong. The bread was stuck and soon I had mossa i örat. Equipped with new super-hero powers, I had become Deafguy.

Comic book back story in place, all we seem to have from this guy is two ep’s, each a graceful exercise in song writing and elegant simplicity.



Deafguy’s label collective seems to be still in place, so maybe we can ask them very nicely for any unearthed rarities.


And now your tasty week in review!


Nanollops by Flashbob and Lissajou, a WFMU Solar Powered chip concert aired (f/ Bubblyfish, Glomag, Nullsleep and Natty), DUTYCYCLE II live footage appeared, and Yatagarasu brought his monster electro grind NES to your parents house for dinner, with this interview and tour ep, and Quarta330 has one side pleasant and one side rough with his new single.


BOOdAw challenged a wizard to make NES Video music, and he did.


We drooled and excreted all other manners of fluids at the OP-1 and did some more with this video, rejoiced at our ability to BACK UP OUR SHIT, and saw the new in progress Pulsar mini synth.


Winter Chips IV results, interviews with Hidden Village , a behinds the scenes glimpse from NES era legend Neil Bladwin, and Stone Oakvalleys obsessively complete authentic sid and amiga collections all gave us a continued reason to exist for 7 more days.