The Weekly Demo

Baucknecht – Threeve (2008)

I want to show you today a Commodore Plus/4 demo because I don’t think I posted one before.

After a bit of scrutiny I decided to post my favourite one. This demo is short but sweet. I love the design of the high-res graphics (specially the one in the begining) and the crunchy TED beats, only in two channels. You can get a SID add-on for the Plus/4 but de-facto it brings nothing but this multiputpose chip called TED

The Plus/4 was better than the C64 in terms of colors, it can push many more onscreen from a much bigger palette. Also it was almost 2 times faster, however I think scrolling and other smooth effects of the C64 are sadly missing in the Plus/4. All in all, I think it  was a sadly underrated and abandoned little computer. I had one but I never used it, and the remains of it, we destroyed back stage at Blip 2008 :P

I leave you now with the demo!