Nestrogen – Untold Whispers From Beyond the Solipsistic Mind

Behold! One of our most epic releases to date! 11 brand new songs accompanied by 7 alternate takes of songs you may have already listened to before. 18 ridiculous tracks varying in style are sure to bring you tears of confusion, happiness, and rage. That’s right, TEARS OF RAGE. Be sure to check this out if you liked what you heard on the previous DIF release, as these are all originals. Not your generic chiptunes – lots of punk and metal influences with ridiculous amounts of melodies! STOP READING THIS, JUST LISTEN TO IT ALREADY YOU GOONS!

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AdamGetsAwesome - AGA [CNB001]

His very first release of chiptunes, made using a gameboy running LSDJ and a lot of alcohol! Five songs that will ensure you that his name is not just all talk, he does in fact “get awesome”. Be sure to pick up a physical copy of this wonderful release at this year’s Blip Festival.

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