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TCTD Links for 2011-04-28

  • Help Noisewaves Travel To Blip Festival 2011! by Noisewaves #
  • RT @evilpaul_atebit: Any awesome artists with game/demoscene experience looking for freelance work? Give me a shout! :) #
  • RT @animalstyle: some good @8static press! #
  • So we now have the shorturl which should be mostly AMAZON CLOUD Proof. Party: #
  • SCSU to host chip music event | St. Cloud TIMES #
  • Chip Critique 1: Re-appropriation « CHIPFLIP #
  • Some Demos from the REVISION2011 (Demoscene) | Digital Tools #
  • Bhajis Loops Tutorials #
  • Office tales – Cartoon Bomb #
  • Glitch ‘n Grind: DIY Video Grinder Hardware Does Wonderful Things #
  • RT @StarscreamNY Also, everyone stop debating shit about chip music and just make good music. Good enough so that no one cares how its made #
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Digital Tools Profiles: Ptoing

ptoing-zxfaces“Brilliant Pixelartists don’t fall from trees. But there are people who know just how to place the right colors on the right places. Sven Ruthner is such a man. The demoscener known under the alias Ptoing just got the right feel for colors and for intense shapes and proportions. The illustrator works with different media, but is also very enthusiastic about vintage homecomputers, like using C64, Amiga or Spectrum ZX”

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