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TCTD Podcast #005 - Doskpop

“Tracked, cheezy, retro-futuristic synth pop influenced by italo disco” is one possible definition of doskpop, but it’s hard to say what exactly defines the genre. The name was invented by Lizardking, who also crowned himself the “King of Doskpop”. However, he was far from first composing this style of music. It’s arguably as old as Amiga music itself, and has it’s roots in other electronic music, like italo disco as mentioned.

This episode gives you a small representation of some of my favorite doskpop (and similar styles). Enjoy!

Click and listen online!

Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 005

1. Virgill – Interference.modd
2. Alf – Astroflux.mod
3. Misty & Daeron – Iridium.mod
4. Lizardking – Transatlantic.mod
5. Night Beat – Sinescape.mod
6. The Hardliner – Retro Attivo.mod
7. Jester – Stardust Memories.mod
8. Lizardking – Art of Chrome.xm
9. Mantronix & Tip – Voyage-Overload.mod

All tunes in this week’s episode can be downloaded in original .MOD or .XM format at