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AMANDA PALMER & Dot-AY perform Lana Del Rey’s “VIDEO GAMES”

Amanda Palmer and Alex Yabsley (aka Dot-AY) perform Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” live at the Blip Festival (February 18th, 2012).

Filmed at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, AU by Jim Batt (@battsignal)

Special thanks to Mike Rosenthal (for Blip/of Paracadute), 8bitpeoples, and Kristy Dossor (for dpad productions/SoundBytes) | @BlipFestival | @amandapalmer | (@Dot_AY

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Loom by little-scale + Dot.AY

little-scale + Dot.AY.

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little-scale and Dot.AY: Music for Eight SEGA Mega Drives Video

little-scale: little-scale and Dot.AY: Music for Eight SEGA Mega Drives Video.

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Laser Gameboys 2.0 Install Test

This is the first run of the complete install at The Edge.. Put together and tested in their hardware lab. All that needs to happen now is the whole thing moved out into the main entrance way/

I am currently working on an installation for The Edge ( that is a continuation of my Laser Gameboy installation












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Dot.AY – Ceratopian Society (Kittenrock)

Dot.AY wanted to be a paleontologist, instead he makes music on gameboys. This is an EP of dinosaur themed Chip Bass, an exploration in wonky beats, wobbly bass and all in all a LARGE sound. Created entirely using a single Gameboy to try and make the biggest fiercest least Video Game related sounds possible.

1. Bambiraptor
2. Dayglodocus
3. Dandyceratops
4. Shit Drop
5. Thumpasaur

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