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kr052 – Droid Song – rain

A short EP of lonely atmospheric songs about the rain. I can’t that imagine that it rains much in California though. It doesn’t seem to in The O.C. trailers anyway, or any of the west coast rap videos. Yeah, these songs are very mournful.


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Southland Explosion: The Best of Southern California Chip Music

01. trash80 – Haunted Candies
02. Mike Bleeds – Serotonin Assault
03. The Silph Scope – Cobra Command
04. EvilWezil – Dynamo
05. virt – Lorem Chipsum
06. Wizwars – Thrash City
07. 8 Bit Weapon – Miami Dub Bounce
08. Elekid! – CPU-TEK #1
09. Mr. Spastic – Plebeian
11. ComputeHer – New York
12. Space Town Savior – Unseen, Undone
13. WMX – Keep It Dark
14. jiffypop23 – Import Antigravity
15. Wet Mango – The Tide Is High (Blondie Cover)
16. Droidsong – Drone Resolved (Nocturne)

I had the idea to put this compilation together showcasing all of the talent located in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, San Diego and all the surrounding areas of Southern California that make up the slowly growing SoCal Chip Scene. Some are well known heavy hitters who have played Blip Fest and various international chip shows, and some have never officially released tracks outside of this compilation. We try to put together as many shows as possible and as regularly as possible to showcase this talent, but this compilation is the best way to show outsiders that WE ARE HERE. 2011 is the year of Southern California Chipmusic.


Chipmusic • Labels • Releases


Delete Function is coming out with its second album! It is a compilation coming from three continents, showcasing the creativeness of the world. It is a mix of songs that represents the style and experimental aesthetic we strive to celebrate.

Check out the sampler track here:

If you are interested in doing a release with us, send a demo to


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Droid Song/The Empty Construct/CHKDISBRK


This is another one of my releases that came out a few days ago. It was made on gameboys, psps, and commodores so its a true chip/micro music album. Here is a little blurb I wrote about the album:

I’ve had these songs lying around for a while and I decided someone might like to listen to them. I’ve been working on a new style of music and I’m transforming my sound so these are a little different from my newest stuff but nonetheless its some fun chipmusic. And thanks to my friend Nick Newland for putting together the art. Enjoy


Droid Song “Ultracontrol/Megaplatform”

This is the Second Release by Droid Song. We are proud to present these 32 minutes of eclectic Gameboy greatness. Droid song utilizes many different aspects of chip music with his ingenious combination of happy tunes with harsh beats, and uneasy timing. The emotions of this album range from joy to wanting to punch someone in the face with brass knuckles.
I’m sure this album will one you remember as the album that gets you pumped before the “Big Game”! Definitely some motivating Boss Fighting music!