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YM Rockerz’ new musicdisc ‘Seven”

| The YM Rockerz  collective  represents |:
| the cream  of  the  Atari  ST chiptune |:
| scene’s musicians. After six genuinely |:
| landmark releases to the demoscene, YM |.
| Rockerz  music  disks  have become  an |:
| eagerly anticipated event.             |:
|                                        |:
| This unique seventh release  is  being |:
| carried  out   in   conjunction   with |:
| respected net  label  8bitpeoples, and |:
| includes   high    quality   soundchip |:
| recordings on  the  8bitpeoples  site, |:
| together  with   a  specially  created |:
| demoscene music disk release on the YM |:
| Rockerz own homepage.  The Rockerz are |:
| not content to  put  up with exisiting |:
| software to make their music, three of |.
| the eight musicians  on this disk have |:
| made  improvements  to  their trackers |:
| to compose music for this release.

Download at YM Rockerz.


drx/bodenstandig 2000 new side project - Education of the Noobz

Education of the Noobz

Please consider visiting my new music site Education of the Noobz!

It contains contemporary home computer compositions, sometimes also called “8 Bit” or “Chiptune”.


January batch at Micromusic

micromusicWe kind of let this one slip past this time (I can’t see the newzletter on my inbox. Landed on spam long deleted, or was never sent?) but better late than never, so here’s the January batch of releases from legendary web portal and netlabel Micromusic:

KingAutomatic/CélomalaBit – NapoliRibbonsGameBoyVersion
drx (feat.Tracky Birthday) – Websiiite
vibe/crc – dirty work
La belle Indifference – knit
The Smacker – 2D Lord
The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Rogue
SCSI – End Credits
Binärpilot – Tjaere For Alltid
8GB – Galway Funk
Bacalao – Living Animals [micromusic mix]

Highlights for me?
– Bödenstandig’s DRX delivers a killer tune
– Bacalao’s new album preview track, Living Animals
– J.Arthur Keene’s amazing track, Rogue (my favourite new Game Boy musician)

Get downloading!