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BRK compilation vol. 3 : The Francophonic Show –

BRK, strikes again with a third compilation. One year in the making and 28 tracks around the theme of Francophonie compiled. As for the first two volumes, BRK has been able to bring together artists from very different horizons and from around the globe USA, Hungary, Latvia, Australia, Russia, Japan, Belgium, England… with no disregard for France. More than ever before, the selection is extremely eclectic representing all the most radical and decadent trends on the electronic scene. Weird and delirious Australian breakcore, Shitcore, Electro grind and punk, 8-bit, dancecore, mash-up, electro… the list is not exhaustive. A true example of open-midedness and a great sense of humor… 28 francophonic bombs…

01- DEBU-NAXX : Ballet
02- DJ RAINBOW EJACULATION : Indescrimimate Toilet Sex at a BRK Show in Lyon
03- SAM PLEATER : French Cancore
04- MARK SIDA : Gentleman
05- MALADROIT : Avec l’école du Daft Duteil
06- LLAMATRON : Boby Dick
07- FOXDYE : What is Toot-Toot in French ?
08- FUKNO : Which Way to the Technival ?
09- EBOLA : Symphonie Plunderphonique
10- RANDOMATIK BLAST : Carnival in Coal Will Reform to Win Eurovision
11- PASSENGER OF SHIT : Y’a pas d’Heure pour se Branler dans le Caca d’Erik Satie
12- JANKENPOPP : Des Gens qui Baisent Tranquille
13- ALTO CLARK : Sleazy Dochine
14- UOKI-TOKI : French Kiss
15- THIRTYTWOBIT : Discothèque
16- REALICIDE : Neutralizing Opiate
17- LADYSCRAPER : Blingin the Grind on the Eurostar
18- SHITTINGWHORE guest vocals : FAKE SLUT : Stupide Petite Salope
19- SICKBOY : Bécassine (Tweencoremix)
20- USA KINGS : USA KINGS, c’est Tout !
21- TOECUTTER : NRJ Deficiency
23- KODEK : Girlfriends Dad Drugged mee upp and Raped me with his Mature Friends C===8
25- XIAN : Harcorpus Satani
26- B.I.N.T : Poussent
27- PROJECT SERENDIPITY : The Velvet Gentleman
28- EAT RABBIT : Je Suis une Vilaine mais j’Assume

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