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8bit today:The Work of Ed and Joe


Another excellent 8bittoday profile, this time on Ed and Joe.


Eddie aka Ed and James aka Joe Svärd are creative 8bit veterans and twins. Responsible for a strong presence in the Commodore 64 demoscene in the name of Wrath Designs by organising and being the core engine of this Swedish team. Yet more importantly; creating a creative soil and surrounding for their group to work with.After joining Wrath Designs, Eddie, James and their team mates managed to put their group next to the mainstream heroes within just a few years, which takes a lot of talent and discipline. Instead of walking the ‘easy path’ of fame, they didn’t take the proven demoscene formulas for granted, but focussed on their own style.That’s where their really interesting work started to surface the demoscene. By this time, their technical skills had grown into professional proportions, giving them that extra bit of freedom to experiment.

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