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environmental sound collapse – Chains Of Gold

environmental sound collapse‘s latest release is four tracks of piggy tracker, midiNES and a circuit-bent Yamaha RX-17 smushed together, to create a stodgy meal of crunchy basslines, jittery drum beats and sprinkled with noisy leads, in order to feed your earholes. Recommended side-dishes include bacon, vodka, vodka-infused bacon and bacon-infused vodka. Eat up!

via [CDK 057]

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In Service Of The Pig | environmental sound collapse

In Service Of The Pig
environmental sound collapse

environmental sound collapse serves up his signature industrial-flavored noise-infused style on this thick slab of acoustically recorded piggy goodness.

e.s.c. described the recording process like this:

“it was all written in piggy tracker… 4 songs are samples only, 3 are midines only… all are also run through a crate GX1200H amp using onboard distortion & Sunn 2x12LH cab”

via In Service Of The Pig | Datathrash Recordings.

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DATATHRASH MIXTAPE 2 | Datathrash Recordings

DATATHRASH MIXTAPE 2 | Datathrash Recordings.

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09/04/2010:GVL, FL:!!!BEEP SOUTH THREE!!!


Electronic SubSouth & Ocelotilator present…

~+~+~+~BEEP SOUTH 3~+~+~+~

Florida’s Chiptune/8-Bit Fest… featuring:

Environmental Sound Collapse (Chicago,IL:BEYOND REANIMATOR!)

Birdfeeder (gainesville,fl: COMMODORE 64 OCEANZ!)

Goatslacker (miami, fl: SMASHES EVERY ATOM!)

I KILL PXLS (sarasota, fl: HOT STUFF 4 LOVERS! )

Lissajou (actionville, fl: ALGEBRAIC JUKE MOVES!)

c-c (gainesville,fl: TAKING NO SHIT IN 2010!)

Strangelette (orlando, fl: SPOOKYCUTE QUEEN OF SPACE!)

Diamonds Guns Gold (gainesville,fl: 4 BIT BLISS BLUR!)

Miss. Dracula (new port richey, fl: CIRCUITBENT MONSTER BABY!)

Nestrogen (orlando, fl: MAXXXIMUM COVERAGE!)

Brett Moots (orlando, fl: INTERESTING SONGZ!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010
at The Laboratory
818 W University Ave.

8:00pm – EARLY SHOW
6 bits
All Ages


environmental sound collapse / scorched earth tactics / selfreleased

scorched earth tactics –
8 songs of apocalyptic glitchiness dedicated to all those who are broken hearted, fucked up, or just paying attention to the way the world is going

done with piggy tracker on gp2x f200, piggy=>midi, circuit bent yamaha rx-17, circuit bent roland tr-505, dave smith instruments mopho, yamaha cs-01 (with highly liquid mod), & midines
songs written in february 2010

hope you like it