EtherNES Might Appear

bOOdaw writes:

EtherNES is a NES networking project that Wookie is currently designing the schematics and working with the NESdev community to connect your NES to your LAN.  Fortunately a solution has been found for the difficult male expansion connector at the bottom of the NES.  A female connector has been found to work from the company Sullins Connectors (more information within the thread).

Some of the current development application ideas for EtherNES once completed:

* Synching NESes together for audio playback
* Launching remote code
* A MIDINES alternative
* A text-based web browser…
* Etc…

Serial Communication + Powerpak might be a great dev enviroment, think compiling your song and sending it directly to hardware! Or the midi alternative would be cool as well, Will keep an eye on things.