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Ockham’s Chainsaw – exileFaker

This EP was composed and recorded using a Nintendo Game Boy and Johan Kotlinski’s Little Sound Dj software over a period spanning 2009-2011, in New York City (with the exception of redshift, written on Long Beach Island, NJ). I spent much of this same period studying and teaching philosophy, which has, among other blessings, acquainted me with the limitations of words. Ockham’s Chainsaw is a fanatical application of William of Ockham’s advice to prefer the simplest hypothesis: the very simplest hypothesis is ” “. I believe that music is itself communicative, and I offer this EP as an argument for the conclusion: YES.

via 8bitpeoples.

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Toy Company is really proud to start 2012 with this Big Chipmusic Festival !
Prepare yourself for 2 days of intense chipmusic, partying and drinking !!!

Friday February 10th & Saturday February 11th 21:00 – 3:00

Jackie & Judy
6512 avenue du Parc
Montreal, QC

15$ for 1 day but only 20$ for
2 days !!!
This is what we call a great deal ! :D (Tickets Coming soon !)

??? [Montreal]
Aliceffekt [Montreal]
Battle Lava [Montreal]
Br1ght Pr1mate [Boston]
? ? ? [ CIRCLE TRIANGLE SQUARE ] [Montreal]
Das Mörtal [Montreal]
DJ Pie [Paris]
ExileFaker [New York]
Pocaille [Montreal]
Rhinostrich [New York]
Shrimps [New York]
STARPAUSE [San Francisco]
XC3N [Montreal]
Xyno [Joliette]

VJ Albiréo [Montreal]
VJ Invader Bacca [New York]
VJ XC3N [Montreal]

Also featured: Exclusive installations from the Mount Royal Game Society!

More details + precise schedule to come !
All the infos on the Facebook event :