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Midweek Round-up with the II Comp. and more


Fortress of Baditude

The Winter II Records com is out and its a doozy. It features the following tracks:

01 Disasterpeace – Bird Season
02 ok ikumi – white plains 96
03 The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Stoic
04 Fighter X – Winter Death
05 Evil Wezil – Icebreaker
06 Zan-zan-zawa-veia – Khei-moni
07 Animal Style – Ancient Accumulator
08 µB – ice flower
09 iqtu – ice palace dub
10 Derris-Kharlan – Shiva
11 temp sound solutions – the last of all that lasts
12 failotron – hullamzoret
13 oxygenstar – the lazy gnome

On top of that is news of two hot commercial releases:

Spamtron – Never Say Die!

Blast off into Spamtron’s world of fast-paced robot action with Never Say Die!, an eighteen-track thrill ride full of spammy wonderment! Experience tracks never before heard in one beautifully presented package. Spamtron takes chip music to the next level. No n00bs!

Mommy Was An Asteroid – Morphballs 3″CD-R

wots space-punk speeding thru space to do? …the only musical instrument afforded in such tight quarters is the beloved 21st century gameboy micro of course, so have gameboy will travel and hear ye my musical love-poem to a broad 8n a spacesuit called Samus!


The Stupendous Return of 8BC TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09 DX

logoHey Guys, sorry for the extended delay post blip, but here are some of the neat tracks I found in the last week or so on TEH H8BITCOLLECTION.

For the week of 1/13-1/22

failotron – Quater Of A Century – 3 hour hardstyle challenge

A kind of football hooligan/ Handel’s messiah concoction with soaring buildups and devestating breakdowns.

wedancedThe last symphony of December 21 2012 and 22 seconds after 48 hour challenge.

The ending is brilliant. Why do concept tracks seem to bring out the best in 8BC?

MattWilson – How To Kill a Man From Outer Space

A little retro, a little modern, manages to capture the Konami sound without being stale.

benanderson89 – Take The Money

I have to agree with Randoms comments, old school but tasty.

solo karier – darah muda

Catchy cat signing a nice doowop melodies caught my ear pretty quickly. I wonder if its a cover like their other songs seem to be? If not I hope they continue working on this direction.

BSK – Beijing Moon

What more needs to be say, other than BSK!! BSK!!! forever…

486 –8ECK-Gamma Ray

Beck and I have had our problems in the past, but this catchy remix of a great song is very well executed.

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Halloween is for children.

Sorry kids, those costumes SUCK.

Sorry kids, those costumes SUCK.

As the summer gives way to the depths of fall, us Americans celebrate the best way we know how.

The delightful egress of excessive capitlistic self induglance!

So while are busy working on your “sexy princess peach costume” here are some tasty 8bit halloween tracks from our friends at 8bc.

“Lich Dub” by FAILOTRON

‘Halloween IP” by Eat_Rabbit

“Trick or Treat” by Nordloef

“Haunted Candies” by TRASH80

Add your own favorites to the comments