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chibi-tech – Love is Insecurable


“Love is Insecurable” by chibi-tech.
Featured in “HARDWARE GIRLS MAGAZINE vol.1” – Chiptune Compilation CD Nol.1.

Also featured in “Famicompo mini vol.8” – originals section.

Electro-house thingofajig I made a few months ago. Heavily influenced by A_Rival, so he deserves credit for the style of this song.
Composed in Famitracker v0.3.7 (2A03 + VRC6). Stereo automation done in post. Visualizations via MIDITrail.

Originally this was only intended for my live NES chiptune DJ set during “Hardware Girls Night 3”, hence the “original mix”-style repetition for the intro/outro. I wasn’t planning to release it beyond that. As with my typical “make TOTALLY DANZ UNTZ the night before lol!!!!!!!” routine for every live set I’m invited to, I composed this in a few hours within the wee morning before having to bail for the venue @ Shibuya. Yes, including the vocals. It kinda shows with the ridiculous “lyrics”. :D

Later, Julie Watai asked if she could use the song for her new magazine. Meanwhile, I wanted to do a completely new song for the upcoming compo, but my day job composer projects were hella bogging my free time down. Yet, I wanted to submit something serious-sounding for once (after all the joke songs I’ve submitted in the past). I figured everyone would have already knew who made it, anyway.

mp3 (original mix+ version):
(c) 2011-2012 jaelyn nisperos, all rights reserved.

chibi-tech – Love is Insecurable – YouTube.

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Famicompo mini vol.8 votepack uploaded

Famicompo mini vol.8.

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Famicompo mini Vol. 7 – Vote Forms

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The Voting period for Famicompo Mini Vol. 7 is now underway.




Famicompo-mini Vol. 7 – Vote Pack

The vote pack for Famicompo-mini Vol. 7 is now released and the voting shall commence shortly.


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