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TCTD Links for 2010-08-26

  • RT @ULTRACHIP: Check out the Ultrachip YouTube Channel for growing number of videos from the event: #
  • The Depreciation Guild: Daytrotter Session recorded Aug 24, 2010 #
  • Bit Mummy on Chic-A-Go-Go #
  • Blip Festival Scandinavia.artists announced #
  • RT @cdmblogs: CDMu: From dodecahedrons to guitarists playing Pong to chip music, meet Handmade Music NYC 8/29’s lineup. #
  • Anamanaguchi puts on an acoustic performance of Airbrushed #
  • Chip music for chip people – 8-bit music at the WCG SEC 2010 #
  • Reformat the Planet release party photos #
  • RT @gw3m: Oh so I don’t make chiptune because I don’t use a Gameboy?! Fight this shit. #
  • I don’t get to post about baseball very much, so sue me. – A Rare Eck Failure, Gibby’s Clutchitude, Inna 8-Bit Style #
  • Flashboy Plus revives Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, my hopes for a 3d tracker #