Flavor’s NGPC USB Linkmasta + new Flash Cartridge

Somehow this thing went past unnoticed by me. Which is madness, because the NGPC is probably my favourite handheld console EVER. Too bad I sold mine recently. I wasn’t using it for a long time but before I touched a Gameboy with LSDJ, I used to make some noise in a band with an NGPC loaded with a Soundtool. The sound is similar to the GB but much cleaner and you can do crazy shit with the 16 bit CPU.

Anyway, Flavor, who is a well known, long time dev for the Neo Geo Pocket, is developing with some others a USB reader/writer and a new flash cart for these lovely machines. Hopefully this will spur a new batch of development for this lovely machine. Seems he is only hand-making these units for developers so if you are interested get in touch with him ASAP.

The website with all the info and progress is right here, and you can see above a video of a prototype linker in action.