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Freque – Girl with Butterfly

Freque’s first solo EP. Gameboy with a splash of EQ. Melancholy with a bit a sarcasm. Girl with Butterfly. says: “A joint release of epic proportions, and Pxl-Bot join forces to deal you one heck of a release from founder, Freque.

Coated in beautiful melodies and addictive musical constructions, Freque spews out one hell of release on his debut solo effort, “Girl with Butterfly”. From the instance of the twisting and epic “U Had Me @ ASL”’s beginning, Freque lays his dance-coated hooks straight in underneath your skin where they intend to stay, right until the fist-pumping closer “Grzly Cntry” destroys your speakers with its heavy bass and gorgeous melodies.

What’s most impressive about this release is how Freque, rather inexplicably, has managed to craft a truly unique style and sound within his music, most obvious on the release’s title track. The almost jittering melodies and semi-quavered rolls really create something that can’t be heard anywhere else but on this record, pushing this fantastic artist into the limelight with a strong thrust. Somehow the music breathes empty space, whilst at the same time remaining heavily layered and constantly shifting.

This really is a fantastic piece of work.


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NC000: V/A – HELO

NC000 has finally been released, a little behind NC001. Better late than never.

This is v1.1 of the world’s most ultimate megatro, featuring 42 amazing artists, with a total playtime of 2 hours and 34 minutes. This was originally distributed on 128MB Flashdrives (x100) at Blipfest 2011. The interface requires a Windows environment or emulator to run properly, but the songs are in OGG format and will work on any system with the appropriate media player.

Here is the lineup:

1. Freque – The Devil is a Disco Dancer
2. Awesome Force – 35,000 Feet
3. Nonfinite – Hivemind
4. NeX – Fluid 80
5. TreyFrey – Brown Eyes
6. KID-SIZ3D CUTI3 – Run or Hide
7. Starpilot – Freefly
8. Zef – Livewire (Amped Up Remix)
9. Fighter X – Harimau
10. Michael J Moffitt – A Song for a Sentient
11. Team Toothpaste – Creeping
12. Ralp – Yrche Vhul
13. Chipzel – Can’t Stop Us
14. Kosmopop2 – COCOCO (Silver)
15. Electric Children – Electric Children Sucks
17. nordloef – Brooklyn is Brooklyn
18. Kedromelon – Skyattack
19. Linus Akesson – The hardware chiptune project
21. DJCats – Blue
22. DYLANBROCHILL – Squirtles in Time
23. Snork25 – BandPath
24. an0va – Meteor Shower
25. Jellica – Bappoowahwah / SOMBA
26. Je Mappelle – Missing Thought
27. sylcmyk – (heart)4
28. 2xAA – One Two Three
29. 4mat – moonrock
30. Smiletron – Cerulean (Astro Mix)
31. Edward Shallow – Submerged
32. Cuttlefish – HazyDays
33. Item 3 – Cello
34. Cityscape, Go! – Through the Hubble I Saw
35. Yar.Songs – Riley is my Cat
36. Go Hjalmar Go – I’m the Bomb
37. Roboctopus – Midnight at the Ice Palace
38. ASDW – Gaboca!
39. EvilWezil – Everything Must Go (Raw)
40. mikrobotmen – my circle
41. IanO – Spaceship Summer
42. Bubu – The End of a Long Story

download at

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CTUK LSDJ Showdown

Controllerthrow, in cooperation with Nonelectronics, are proud to announce the first ever CTUK LSDJ Showdown. This is an international LSDJ song writing contest. The winner will receive 1 “prosound” modified Gameboy (original), with a Nonfinite Backlighting Kit preinstalled (v2 with on/off switch), and emblazoned with an official CTUK decal. Also included will be 1 64MB EMS Cartridge (rewritable), with a registered version of LSDJ preinstalled. Roughly a $200.00USD value, entirely free to the winner, shipped anywhere in the world. To all contestants and runners up is the potential for feature in our Chiptune Focus series or Podcast, and the opportunity to be paired with game developers from all over the globe.

Awesome Force
Michael “Bibin” Moffitt
James of Br1ght Pr1mate

Visit Controllerthrow for full details.

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Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK:


This is FM FUNK MADDNESS!! — an album of songs by 18 FM synth enthusiasts from all over the world, personally selected by zinger (founder and maintainer of

Bringing the combination of frequency modulated tones and catchy, funky grooves blended with a portion of jazz and idm, we cordially invite you to join us on a fantastic journey to a world where slap rumble drives the beating of your heart.


  1. Shogun — V.S.O.P.M. (3:32) | VOPM
  2. Blitz Lunar — Cascade Masquerade (4:11) | FM7, GXOPLL
  3. Kulor — Fashion Queen (2:37) | DX-7
  4. Keishi Yonao — Crush Roll (2:59) | VOPM
  5. Torben “Metal” Hansen — Cascades (3:55) | FM8, Zebra
  6. Bomb Boy — Ignition, Set, GO! (5:11) | Thor
  7. Virt — Five Nine Seven Eight (4:30) | VOPM
  8. hally feat. Seiko Kobuchi — utabism – a synthesizer boy (2:37)
  9. Tsuyoshi Shimokura — FunkOsaka (2:42) | VOPM, MDX
  10. Madbrain — Oskari the Heimfanker (4:38) | AdLib OPL3
  11. Utabi Hirokawa — Stop and Go (Ubiktune edit) (3:22) | Sharp X68000
  12. hizmi — Pendulum II (5:35) | Sharp X68000
  13. Simon Stålenhag — Ripple Boogie (3:14) | FM7
  14. zinger & bacter — Sky Stroll (3:59) | FM7
  15. Dong — Mirror Maze (3:05) | Toxic, Freqatic
  16. Louis G — The Enemy of My Enemy’s My Enemy / No Speed Trap (5:49) | VOPM
  17. zabutom — Endorphemeral (3:24) | Operator
  18. hex125 — pf (NRTDRV funk edit) (3:53)

Artwork by Tsuyoshi Shimokura

Released under a Creative Commons-License

via Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK: FM FUNK MADDNESS!! | Ubiktune.

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