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IWADON Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album

Alongside the hard work of Jeriaska of, an incredibly diverse and amazingly talented collection of musicians has been gathered to pay tribute to a composer who has been creating amazing game soundtracks for 20 years, but has been largely overlooked by many. That composer is Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. Iwatsuki, or IWADON as he was credited on his early game soundtracks (and still uses on social network sites like twitter and composed music to many cult classic games such as Wild Guns, Ninja Warriors, and Pocky & Rocky, as well as newer titles like the amazing XBLA shoot-em-up Omega Five.

This comp looks interesting, as I am not familiar with the games this composer has worked on, but the artists associated are all top notch.

Here is the partial artist list:

For more information:   Game Music 4