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Offworld: Pizza City: PixelJam’s retro-modern style comes to Adult Swim

pizzacityOffworld profiles a new pixelflash game that features some hot tunes from NYC’s Graffiti Monsters.

In a move entirely coincidental with my tip of the hat to Rich Grillotti earlier in the morning, Adult Swim has released its latest web game, Pizza City, which so happens to have been created by Grillotti and PixelJam partner Miles Tilmann.

The game’s the Atari 2600 version of Grand Theft Auto we never got, if the game had necessarily been limited to GTA’s delivery side missions and been stripped of all its violence (minus, that is, that toward clowns and mimes), but with all its hidden bonuses sprinkled around its open world.

If it seems at first glance that its pace and expansion are too time consuming for quick-shot web play, that’s because they are: though it’s not immediately apparent (it wasn’t to me, anyway), pressing ‘S’ inside the pizza shop will save your progress, meaning I can (and will) come back to grind my way to those better cars teased just outside your starting point.

Pizza City [adult swim, PixelJam]

via Pizza City: PixelJam’s retro-modern style comes to Adult Swim – Offworld.

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8Static Philly was lovely

The birds are real.

The birds are real.

Last weekend, the Philadelphia area was blasted with what is hopefully the first in a series of regular chip shows under the 8STATIC name. The event, at a yoga studio felt like being in a big (and awesome) living room.

The lineup included Graffiti Monsters, Cheap Dinosaurs, Animalstyle, glomag, BitShifter and the stunning visuals of VBLANK, NO CARRIER, Voltage Controlled and noteNdo.  Additionally there was a screening of the documentary “Reformat the Planet”

The media coming in from this event is as impressive, with shots from the flickr stream, and the following videos on the Cheap Dinos youtube.

b00DaW also provided some bootlegs of some of the artists performances as well. Check them out:

mark_denardo_-_live_at_8static_philadelphia__10-18-2008_ Mark Denardo and Grafitti Monsters

cheap_dinosaurs_-_live_at_8static_philadelphia__10-18-2008_ Cheap Dinosaurs

glomag_-_live_at_8static_philadelphia__10-18-2008_ Glomag

bitshifter_-_live_at_8static_philadelphia_10-18-2008_incomplete Bit Shifter (partial)