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Herzeleid Update

You need to build it yourself, but this YM2151 tracker for OSX seems to be coming along nicely.

Did a whole fuckton of stuff. Added a player (plays the tracks without the UI), added PatchGen (generates patches from a website), and did a fuckton of stuff to the tracker, including: Adding effects, making Volume controls work. Now you should _really_ be able to make great music. All patches and tracks since the big change should still work. I also redid all the patches, and added some drums patches.

via SquidMan’s herzeleid at master – GitHub.


EDIT: Also, since my hosting changed, the old link to the documentation is gone. The location that should be used is

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Squidman’s ym2151 tracker Herzeleid

herzeleid3A little while back we mentioned that Squidman had documented the YM2151 soundchip. The tracker “Herzeleid” is in the extremely early development but it is available for the brave to try. It is cross platform, but please note you will need to compile it yourself. B00daW and the Squidman are talking about the tracker in this 8BC thread where you can follow the development and find some useful info if you have problems getting it to run. Keep your eyes on this one, I have a feeling its going to develop into a very interesting piece of software.