Hidden Village Interview

The flood of great chip coverage continues. from the Little-Scale blog:

LA: Do you perform as though playing a game, thus building a piece out of personal responses to unforeseeable dilemmas hidden from the audience, or do you largely compose pieces in advance with a focus on musical development in the more or less traditional sense?

HV: Our performances are a mix of through-composed music and improvisation in the sense that the structure and form of a work is not set but certain phrases and instrumentation are set beforehand. In our performance for the AFUM, we are combining aspects of chipmusic, live sampling, improvisation, and field recordings, with a healthy dose of humour and reflexivity, as well as some more serious minimalism.

Worth a read, especially for those with process and techniques obsessiveness.

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Nanoloop 2008 Comp

The LLOPS Are in your MIND

The LLOPS Are in your MIND

Not the biggest Nanoloop fan, but this comp has a amazing lineup.


with 22 tracks from (among others): Glomag, Bit Shifter, nordloef, Big-Chip, Zombectro, Albino Ghost Monkey, Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours, (and Hidden Village might *I* add) etc. etc. multiple versions of the artwork are available, so print which ever you prefer… cover 7 designed by JDDJ3J, the rest by e.s.c.”

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