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Holy Konni at Fängelset, GBG 2011

Holy Konni at Fängelset, GBG 2011 – YouTube.

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PB011| Holy Konni- Earth Child, Answer Already

“Pxl-Bot’s friendly neighbourhood cover artist brings you his latest and most awe-inspiring piece of work to date. Cascading chip, space fuelled drones, floating voices and delicate guitars swamp Pxl-Bot’s most atmospheric release to date, with Holy Konni at the helm leading his musical shuttle expertly through Pink Floyd-esque territory and back out through a futuristic maelstrom. Featuring much more than just standard chip, this fresh outlook on the use of the instrument draws influences from several different areas and leaves the listener jaw-gappingly hooked. Relaxing, space-y and perfect to a minute tee, this release is nothing short of stunning. And we are unspeakably proud to support the work of both a great artist and a great person. Live long and prosper Konni ”