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Plasma Face – The Golden Goose

At the dawning of time, a goose was born. Its golden plumes shone with the brilliance of one thousand suns — so vivid, so golden that all the creatures in all the land cowered in fear. Each gasp of wonder and sigh of veneration fueled the goose to ultimate power. Try as they might to prepare, not a beast or brave soul in his whole world could have been ready for the judgement days of the GOLDEN GOOSE.

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505 – Pokey Love

Pokey Love is a compilation of 505?s chiptunes created on Atari XL/XE. The tunes were composed between the years 2002 and 2011 – whenever a wave of Atari 8-Bit attraction striked again. While the Pokey sound is certainly not the technically most brilliant, it has a clean, sweet and uniquely limited sound – taking you back to a 1980s childhood escorted by the little Atari.

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