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Cave Story Soundtrack Converted to Impulse Tracker

Fun Looking, but Deadly Difficult

Fun Looking, but Deadly Difficult

Random reports on the 8BC forum:

Coda wrote a program which enabled him to reverse the music from everyones favorite game Cave Story and output .it-files (Impulse Tracker modules)!

This is very exciting news to me, since I’ve only previously found a soundtrack consisting of about half the tracks in shitty mp3 quality, and since it’s a lovely soundtrack (to a lovely game). It seems the stereo information was lost when converted to .it, but it’s still very enjoyable, and otherwise accurate. Perhaps Coda will figure out how to get the stereo information as well…

Anyway, here’s the .rar with all songs:

PS. And just in case you didn’t already know, .it-files are best played with XMplay if you are using Windows, and CocoModX if you’re using OSX.

So listen, loop, remix, enjoy!