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infradead – and the goat makes FOUR!

Another one of those pesky artists who use zany capitalisation. This is some straight up droney glitch outta space Game Boy stuff. There is also a rap. Everyone should have a rap.

via kittenrock.

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Shiftwave Bootleg

Record directly off main sound board at Shiftwave at the Vera Project.

artists in order of performance

boys club

due to technical issues (recorder ran out of memory) fighter x’s set was not recorded

we all had a lot of fun and thought that you might like to listen as well

zip can be found here


v.a - nanovoice 1.0 1

1. Austin – Dead Pixels
2. disassembler – falling in and out of step
3. DJ Hollow Life – NanoJa extended
4. environmental sound collapse & Nikaena Vizukae – irradiated soil (excerpt)
5. Flashbob – Zen Medication
6. godinpants – Nana’s Voice
7. infradead – sing a song to make you suffer
8. little-scale – Sunset On The Esplanade
9. Miko – Genesis & Catastrophe
10. nezar – echo
11. Raz1r – Sailing the 8th Sea
12. the mist toggles – roots in mud

via  Incomplete without surface noise.