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Odds and Ends from Twitter 2009-08-01


8Bitone Synthesizer + Sequencer appeared

8bitone_iphone8Bitone – a “Retro 8-bit Synthesizer + Sequencer” – has been announced to be released for iPhone and iPod Touch in June. It is being developed by the Japanese company Yudo, which have also released a vocoder and audio recorder for the same platform.

The software is said to “faithfully simulate SSG and PSG instruments”. It will feature:

  • Piano roll style sequencer
  • Up to 128 monophonic voices per song
  • 1 oscillator or LowBitNoise (I assume per channel. Not yet clear what types of waveforms.)
  • LFO
  • Envelope
  • Hi-Speed Arpeggiator
  • .WAV export

Will be available on the iPhone App Store in June. The price has not been confirmed yet, but their previous iPhone apps costs about $17.