Limited Edtion Digital Elf Vinyl

We are very proud to announce that Senor Hernandez records will release ?Digital Elf? and ?Kissers? on vinyl! We all know Kochalka from his comics: Sketchbook diaries, Monkey vs. Robot, Pinky & Stinkey, Johnny Boo, etc. Some of you might have heard his music as well. What can we say? It’s weird, loveable, confronting and cute at the same time. As long time fans it is great to be able to release his latest album “Digital Elf” on vinyl. Digital on analogue. That’s how it should be! The album is solely composed and played on one of James favourite play things: Gameboy advance. If one record isn’t enough we also throw in “kissers”. This album has been long out of print. Now only available to lovers of the black wax. Clocking a total of more than 50 minutes of Kochalka madness James Kochalka was nice enough to create whole new Black and White artwork for the outer sleeve.


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