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Forever 2010 results

Better late than never! :P
The Forever 2010 party ended like 10 days ago and I forgot to post the results. Some gems can be found in the Graphics compo, and the winning C64 music production is an unbelievable piece by Jammer. Truly amazing SID synthesis!

Full result list after the jump:

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Vandalism News GOLD diskmag released!

75271Vandalism News, the longest standing diskmag in the Universe, has just seen its number 50 release, the Gold Edition…

Loaded full of C64 news as usual and featuring music by many of your favourites like Psycho, Jammer, A-Man, Conrad, Drax, Linus and others, plus cool graphics and text provided by the Wrath Design and Onslaught crews, this is the mandatory weekend read for anybody interested in the C64 demoscene. If you are a n00b, you can get a whiff of what has happened for the past ~20 years by reading the Prefaces, and jump straight into the current day and don’t feel left out again :P

Like if 4 disk sides full of news wasn’t enough, the crew has added two bonus “Golden Goodie Bag” disks, where you can find previously unreleased SID music and other stuff!

Grab it here!