JITT64 v1.02 released

screenshotSo I hear you want to make SID music?

You don’t have or don’t want to have or use the real hardware? OK, cross-development is logical nowadays and perhaps you do not want to mess with the issues that Goattracker has on other platforms but Windows, or with emulation issues.

Here’s a little treat for you: JITT64, short for Java Ice Team Tracker 64, is a Commodore 64 SID tracker that runs under Java, making it platform independent.

The instruments are totally based onto tables for full control of sound generation, like a good C64 tracker should be, so rest assured you can get to decent results on this one. Not sure about the performance of the playroutine, but I am pretty positive if you are reading this here you won’t care much about that :P

The official page of JITT64 is where you can get the latest version.