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KevtrisFPGA Synthesizer updates

Another update from the mythic kevtris FPGA chip emulating synthesizer:

Long story short, the conversion was a success, and I ended up fixing a few bugs and adding some features along the way. I ended up 100% redoing my OPL3 core, and vastly simplified and improved it, reducing device resource usage immensely. To date, I have full support for the following sound chips: SID quad, POKEY quad, OPL3 full support, NES audio, N106 8 chan wavetable, VRC6 3 channels, VRC7 FM synth, MMC5 two squares+digi, FME7 3 squares, and FDS audio 1 chan wavetable. The wishlist of additions is: Atari 2600 with extended range, Gameboy sound, and coleco/SMS sound SN76489. These shouldn’t be too tough, but before I can implement those I need to emulate the target CPUs which are Z80 and GBCPU.

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