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Wronged Chiptune Artist is Mysteriously Avenged

This is amazing. And with this, TCTD is on vacation.

An anonymous sponsor in New York City paid people to put up posters of the album cover on the home of photographer Jay Maisel, who sued over Baio’s work (he took the original photo of Miles Davis used on the chiptune album’s cover), the art adorned with the text “ALL ART IS THEFT”.

The person responsible, writing anonymously to Hyperallergenic, says:

I hope that every time Jay leaves the house, he sees these posters—and as he looks at them or tries to tear them down he thinks about how evil what he did was. Maybe he’ll realize that at some level all art borrows from other art, and suing another artist for fair use appropriation undermines all artists. Maybe he’ll feel guilty about being such a thief. And then maybe he’ll think about giving that money back—or donating it to charity or something. But probably not.

Maybe not the most constructive protest, but then, you can rarely make an artistic statement by being constructive.

via Wronged Chiptune Artist is Mysteriously Avenged.

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Kind of Bloop is out!

backgroundAfter its release to kickstarter contributors earlier this week, Kind of Bloop is finally out. In case you missed it, This latest high profile chip tribute record finds some of the best composers in the scene performing tracks from Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. While not a fan of this era of Miles Davis myself (Pangea!!), its kinda interesting to see the outsides world perspective to this “new to them” chipmusic phenomena. wrote (!)

Miles Davis probably never played Nintendo. It’s technically possible; the genre-bending, stereotype-defying jazz legend lived until 1991, six years after the first Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America. Who knows how the trumpet player spent his free time? He may have seen a video game, or even picked up a controller. But it’s a pretty safe bet that he never stormed Bowser’s castle or paused to appreciate the “piku-piku” sound that Mario made when he went down a tunnel.

Maybe its years after reading articles that “don’t get it” but I found this article pretty fair and informative. Anything that avoids the character meats genre formula of writing can’t be a bad thing right? Here is looking forward to fresh takes on whats becoming a familiar concept.

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