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V/A – Handheld Heroes Volume One

Wow. Retirement break for this insane comp.

Digital Album
Immediate download of 41-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Buy Now $15 USD or more
Data DVD Version
Shipping to US+Canada is included in the price. Add one dollar for int’l orders.
DVD version includes:
– Full compilation in both MP3 and WAV format
– art files by Minusbaby
– Bonus modules / files:
— 2 famitracker files from Baron Knoxburry and Zan- Zan-Zawa-Veia
— 4 nsf files from Alex Mauer, Baron Knoxburry, Heosphoros and MisfitChris
— 1 octamed mod from CCDM
— 1 LSDJ Player ROM, which includes the tracks from BSK, … more

V/A – Handheld Heroes Volume One | Handheld Heroes.

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8-Bit Operators • WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD, VOL. 2

Volume 2 out now, featuring 11 more crazy interpretations of all your fave Beatles tracks, both the hits and deep album cuts.  Grab both volumes now as a Bandcamp exclusive for one low price:

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A Lil’ Taste of V/A Handheld Heroes Volume One

Snippets of 7 (out of 40) tracks from the upcoming compilation from Handheld Heroes. Video includes CCDM, Heosphoros, Maru, Random, Albino Ghost Monkey, Kkrusty, and BSK.

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Kkrusty - Like Coming Home


As mentioned over the weekend on twitter the new KKrusty on Handheld Heroes is pretty snazzy. Thumping Game Boy Techno in the Mold you are used too, but with a nice gamemusic style about it along with deep sound design, like early Nullsleep done by IAYD.

  • 1. Key
  • 2. Day to Day
  • 3. Sorry
  • 4. Heart
  • 5. Stick ’em Up
  • 6. Stairs
  • 7. Face 2.0
  • 8. Like Coming Home

via HHH-02 Kkrusty

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