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Chip for Cancer [vol. I] | Chip for Cancer

Chip For Cancer is a collaborative group of artists with two things in common: Old sound chips for instruments and a drive to help stop cancer. Most of the musicians on this have been personally affected by this awful disease, so you know that this is quite a meaningful project, rooted in the hearts of all of us.100% of all profit gained from this album goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Please donate the minimum of $5

via Chip for Cancer [vol. I] | Chip for Cancer.

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Bit Bounce Chip Comp

Bit Bounce is 18 tracks of chiptune goodness thrown together in the wilds of 8bc and


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PB010| Kommisar- Pixel Girl

Bringing his second release to Pxl-Bot and also our 10th release, Kommisar returns on his usual fantastic form. His usual melodically focused memorable chaos has returned, this time with a slightly darker twist to compliment the increase in range of this astonishingly fresh artist.

Rarely does an artist produce so much material this regularly that seems this new and original each time round. From the very beginning Kommisar breaches new heights of structural and musical complexity and achieves so with apparent ease whilst still managing to lodge his hefty melodic hooks in your cortex. Featuring an Iron Maiden inspired chip re-imaging, a vs track with Zaghurim on the release closer and a return to his classic track “La Lune du minuit éternel” this is Kommisar’s most accomplished and broad release to date. We here at Pxl-Bot are once again very proud to bring you another release by this Chip God. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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PB005| Kommisar- Reimu Plays LSDJ

As if taken straight from an epic poem, this release is the melodically brawn soundtrack to a vast and incomprehensible space and future. Tight compositions strung together with beautiful and memorable melodies, providing a perfect set of futuristic anthems straight from the final frontier. Never before has an LSDJ cartridge been taken to such vast heights in musical complexity, with the writhing rhythms and burning arps, Kommisar takes you on an unforgettable ride through metal and pop influenced opus’ guaranteed to burn through your mind like a cosmic heat ray of chip. A must-have for your chiptune collection, you’re only doing yourself a favour by downloading this outstanding piece of musical craftsmanship.