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A compilation of tracks covering the first 6 months or so of posts on with:

*New tracks from Kraettz, godinpants, and Chik Gala (formerly Zathura)

*Hand-picked tracks that you may have missed
*Personal messages from many of the artists
*Your money back if your ears don’t bleed
*A template to recreate dataswitch’s awesome cover using a pic of yourself (and I really want to see some of these)


Chipmusic • Labels • Releases

kraettz – Battle Ground Microchip

Throughout 2008 and 2009 a series of amazing intricate LSDJ breakcore tracks were uploaded to 8bitcollective and largely ignored in favour of the usual Game Boy melodic techno. Kittenrock has persuaded kraettz to re-record these breathtaking tracks as a proper release. Featuring exquisite drum programming and excellent glitchy sound design, this release seriously pushes the boundaries of what should be possible with a couple of Game Boys. (i submitted this a few days ago, but seems to have been missed? )


Chipmusic • Releases

VR004: kraettz – galaxy whore recovery center


1. Like a Hoe
2. Slasher
3. Stardust
4. Delirium
5. Malfunction
6. I Love Synth