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Final 4 Releases from WDUWSTS

“As of now the We Danced Until We Saw the Sun exists only as a side project/hobby for me. I will no longer will be performing or releasing any new official releases under this name. I am focusing on other projects now namely my new music project under the name E.N.Cowell.

WDUWSTS was an experiment and a means of using real synthesizers on a budget. Now I kinda have a firmer direction I want to take.

I will be posting some demos and little things I have been playing with that is unrelated to my new project from time to time so its not like I am killing the project completely. I am just putting my energy and efforts else where.

To celebrate tossing out the old and welcoming the new I have posted all WDUWSTS releases plus 4 more releases up on a WDUWSTS band camp account.”

-A Cut and Paste Summary of Dynasties 1 & 2 (W D U W S T S Rework)
by Little-Scale
-D A B F – 32KBS
-Blank Head

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Beeper Recorded with a Neumann U87A

Beeper Recorded with a Neumann U87A Microphone – YouTube.

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USB Beeper: A Hardware Plugin for Software Music Appeared

via little-scale:

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little-scale – Delusions (Music Video)

via little-scale – Delusions (Music Video) on Vimeo.

Chipmusic • videos

little-scale – Carcass