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LSDJ updates and MIDI out with Arduinoboy


Johan has provided a nice new treat, and released the experimental build of LSDJ with midi out designed by Trash80.


There are 3 new modes:
– LIVEMAP – Lsdj will use its own clock, but a incoming midi note will
cue midi note # to song row # in live mode.

– SYNCMAP – Lsdj will sync to incoming MIDI sync, and notes
immediately change the song row #.

– MIDIOUT – LSDJ to MIDIOUT. Each of the 4 gameboy channels send MIDI
data on 4 midi channels by the use of effects commands:
– N – Sends a MIDI Note – Absolute to the value placed in the
effect. N00 sends note off, N01-N6F send notes 1 to 112.
– Q – Sends a MIDI Note relative to the current channel’s pitch. The
effect value is a offset. so Q0C in PU1 would send a note 1 octave
higher than what Pu1 is currently playing. This is useful as a table
command to track midi notes as normal notes in the sequencer.
– X – Sends a MIDI CC – By default in Arduinoboy the high nibble
selects a CC#, and the low nibble sends a value [0-F] to [0-127]. This
can be changed to allow just 1 midi CC with a range of 00-6F, or 7 CCs
with scaled or unscaled values.
– Y – Sends a program/patch/preset change.

There is also a new official version with the following fixes:

011-04-03: v4.0.9

* bugfix: repaired PC keyboard sync, has been broken since v3.9.a.
sorry :( big thanks to Hannes Kraettli for report & help.
* bugfix: copy instrument names when cloning. thx to Didrik.

2011-04-03: v4.1.0

* bugfix: repair PC keyboard sync for real. thx to Hannes Kraettli.

I have been using the midi out hacks for a few months now and it is pretty stable, and extremely useful, so check it out!

via lsdj

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