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Pixeljams Volume 1 | Pixeljam

A collection of new and used tracks from the Pixeljam Team.


Pixeljams Volume 1 | Pixeljam.

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Mark DeNardo at 2010 TCTD Awards


James Kochalka + Pixeljam = Glorkian Warrior

From the website:

WHAT’S THIS GAME LIKE? It’s a combination of many styles and genres. It’s a platformer like Mario or Metroid. It’s a shooter like Galaga or Moon Patrol. Some parts are fast paced like Canabalt or Dino Run. Some parts are in zero or inverted gravity! Some parts are hand drawn by James, and some parts are pixel-style like previous Pixeljam Games. There is a lot of narrative and conversation between characters. There are fun things to do and discover! It’s a love child of many different genres, styles and ideas.

There are lots of kickstarter projects out there right now, but with Kochalka, Denardo and the gang of Pixeljam behind this, it sounds like it will be pretty intersting. You can see more information including concept art and a video over at James Kochalka + Pixeljam = Glorkian Warrior