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Gem Tos – Carla


GemTos has left her trace on alot of releases here on Data Airlines with lyrics and remixes on several releases, she came up with infamous lines like -wake up skip school turn on the atari- and is performing as guitarist and singer with dubmoods live-band but her last EP was released back in 2009. This time she has returned with a new four track EP best described as chiptune EBM sung in French and Italian. Like on the first EP, GemTos has put dubmood in the producers chair and Bob Nimbe from Apanbepan has done the coverart. Get it on Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Sound or wherever you like to consume your music.


The Knife Comp - Data Airlines

Here you are, the latest Data Airlines release is something we have been working on for quite a while. A compilation of chip covers/remixes of The Knife Songs. For you who don’t know The Knife, its an electronic music duo, Karin and Olof Dreijer,  from Gothenburg Sweden who has been around since the beginning of 2000 and has had quite an important influence on later Swedish electronic music. Its been on our mind to do this compilation for some time but we though of inviting some friends over to add some adversity to it.  Most of them have been seen here on Data Airlines before and the majority of them are from the demo scene.  We are very pleased to announce the comeback of Zalza (Rebels^Tequila) and Per Almered aka Excellence in Art (XiA) on the chip music scene since their music has been very important and inspiring for allot of us in the past. We would also like to re thank Fr0st from the amiga crew Tulou and pr0f / comic bakery for the cover-art. This release is free for you to listen to and spread on the Internet as much as you want and we hope you like it.

Maskinoperatör – The Captain
Zabutom – Bird
Paza Rahm – Girls night out
Random – Like a Pen
Syphus – Heartbeats
Gem Tos – Marble House
Zalza – We Share Our Mothers Health
Excellence In Art – Handy Man
Misfitchris – Na Na Na
Dubmood – Silent Shout

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