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Safafa – Jellica

“This is a pretty serious release,” said Jellica in the email that accompanied my copy of Safafa. Like all great British eccentrics, Jellica is very serious about everything he does, whether he’s giving his tracks utterly unpronounceable titles, penning musical homages to cats or indulging in some of the most expressive free-dance you’re ever likely to see on stage at a chip gig. With Safafa, he’s set his sights even higher: nothing less than an epic counter-factual voyage to the stars, wherein space was conquered in the 80s by an Amiga-fixated generation of British kids. The tempos are slower on Safafa but Jellica’s LSDJ magic is as intricate and textured as ever, reflecting the contradictions of a journey where the enormous speeds achieved are dwarfed by the vast distances yet to be covered. All in a day’s work for Jellica – a serious man, but all the more fun for it.

– Matt Nida

via 8bitpeoples.

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Touchboy / Natty / Sabrepulse / gwEm / Comptroller / Matt Nida live in London

Friday 22nd October sees Public Life in Spitalfields, London host the best chipmusic line-up you’ll see in London this year. Cover charge is £5 and doors open at 8:00 – get there early, you won’t want to miss a minute of this.

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Facebook event and more details here!

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