Sega 16bit

MD2PC Appeared

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This is quite old, but it should be something people here find useful (once I am done with it tongue).

The setup consists of a real MD, a flashcart, a controller port to LPT port cable and PC running some host software.
Cable is same as what is used with Mask of Destiny’s Sega CD Transfer Suite ( ).
When all CPU time is put into managing data transfer, you can get 32KByte/sec bandwidth. Things are bidirectional BTW.

The protocol is made multipurpose so you can do graphics and run code or do whatever you want more besides sound generation. There are a lot of “internal” functions, but you can always send in your own and use those instead.

Things are incomplete though, as you can hear… only PSG and PCM work, FM is still WiP (I have a very fatal error somewhere in the code that causes lockups and whatnot…).

What you see on the (poor) vid is my ultr@ modded MD2 being slaved by my work PC that runs my WiP MD Tracker 0.6a that is executed straight from QB45 IDE (mainly because the program is too big so it cannot be compiled anymore hmm ).

If things go well, there’s gonna be some more stuff coming in summer (along with Win version of the tracker).

PS: be sure to check the link in vid description for the full tune I used smile