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nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor

This adaptor connects a Game Boy link cable with a PC’s USB port. It appears as a MIDI port on the PC and offers the following functionality:

– Load updates for nanoloop 2.x and nanoloop one.
– Load additional 32k ROMs, such as mGB, on nanoloop one.
– Backup / restore songs from / to nanoloop 2.5 and nanoloop 1.6.
– Sync any nanoloop version to MIDI-enabled programs on the PC.
– Play the Game Boy via MIDI from the PC using mGB.
– MIDI signals from the Game Boy are forwarded to the PC.

via nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor.

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mGB Updated


Nitro2k01 sez:

I’ve had the privilege of getting access to trash80’s mGB code, which of course has given me the opportunity to make improvements. My first improvement is to add support for extended MIDI channels. (1-5,6-10 or 11-15 depending on which ROM you’re using.) This is useful for people who want to use mGB on the same MIDI output as MIDINES, other synths or perhaps use 3 copies of mGB simultaneously with one Arduinoboy. (With three link cable plugs)

In a future hacked version I’ll include the ability to choose which channels to use in the program, and also make mGB play nicer with LSDj. (Not corrupting savs and so on)