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Minikomi at Blip Tokyo

Minikomi at Blip – YouTube.

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TCTD Links for 2010-11-19

In the News

TCTD Links for 2010-11-04

  • RT @minikomi: Hmm. Would love to do a @TOKiMONSTA release on metrodub… #justsayin #heavy #cosy #
  • RT @anamanaguchi: Amazon’s doing a special deal 4 the scott p soundtrack.. only $3.99!! #
  • RT @tinycartridge: Attract Mode x Babycastles show tonight! #

Minikomi on Metrodub

featuring the new songs:
Roller derbin’
Dollar Turnin’

via M>E>T>R>O>D>U>B.

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Lo-fi dub at METRODUB

I just found out about this today.

It’s an awesome, dub-oriented, lo-fi new label from Norway I believe, and even though it only has 6 tracks available so far, it looks like it could have a bright future.

Personal favourite: the Minikomi release. Crunchy GB dub for your ears.

Here’s looking forward to more releases!

Check it out!