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TCTD Links for 2010-07-07


A new resource about MML !

Hello everybody,

I present to you a new MML resource ! Hope you like ! ;) Note : I found rare files on japanese websites !

Comments and suggestions are welcome!
Thank you!

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TCTD micronews for 2009-12-12

Chipmusic • resources

MML Language Helper for Notepad++

Fib Gibbley has recently posted on the NESdev BBS an XML script for Notepad++ that highlights pertinent PPMCK (a 2a0x MML parser) commands and context.

Pretty text for MML, wootz! :D

Chipmusic • software

.GBS Outputting MML Compiler

kami68k writes:

Someone in Japan made an MML Compiler that outputs GBS (Gameboy Music) files:

The Tool, example vids and the supported MML Commands are found at that page.

A google translation of the page sez:

Play the music with the sound of the Game Boy.
????????? MML(Music Macro Language)???????????????????????????? GBS ??????????? In a text editor MML (Music Macro Language) to write a variety of players that can pass GBS to the compiler output file.

NSF Player ????????????????????????????????? NSF Player and improved version of the old, new?RI?SHIMASHITA based on actual results of the experiment.
????????????????? GB ???????? Pico Pico also miss the warm sound great place GB.