ComputeHer: Modemoiselle

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s our pleasure to present to you ComputeHer’s latest musical opus, “Modemoiselle!” A sensational mix of exotic and electric sound tapestries with jubilant, throbbing rhythms. Each song adds to the canvas with the most dynamic and rich colours possible. Let go and indulge yourself in this aural world of pure lo-fi sensuality and mischief! But don’t take our word for it, have a peek for yourself…

1. Introducing Modemoiselle
2. SysOp
3. New York
4. Heart Beeps
5. Burlesque Show
6. Naughty Bits
7. Twilight Byte
8. Dark Pub
9. Sugar Cube
10. New York Demo
11. SysOp Demo

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