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Audio from the Micromusic Get Together #2

Motone posted the following audio:

Here are the live recordings from Friday (July, 30th), all files are MP3 192kbit/s VBR.

#1 Culomono (DMG + DSLite)
#2 Motone (GBA)
#3 LowBitRevolte (DMG)
#4 Kenobit (DMG)
#5 STereochan & G0DLIKE (DMG)
#6 Mash!Productions (Amiga)
-> techno set pt. 1
-> happy hardcore
-> techno set pt. 2



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German Tiefbit Showcase

(This is the) first release of the German Tiefbit Showcase, a Compilation of tracks by german chiptune-/lowbit musicians!

It’s on the german label Weisskalt/Blauwarm

Here’s the direct download link for the release

Hope you all enjoy the comp, there will be more volumes:3

If you want to get in on it, contact the german tiefbit connection

Tracklist after the jump:

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DA CHIP! Daft Punk Tribute out.

dl1This sounds great, a definite highwater mark for covers comps after months of abysmal lows.  Well curated, and well composed.



1) Around The World – The Listrix
2) Short Circuit – Random
3) Voyager – Zombectro
4) Revolution 909 – Note!
5) Aerodynamic – JDDJ3J
6) Superheroes – Stage7
7) Crescendolls – Flashbob
8) One More Time – Microchip
9) Teachers – Fluxxin
10) Indo Silver Club – Motone
11) Veridis Quo – EvilWezil