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Check out this dope compilation: at TGS and then for the rest of Japan on 10/15, Inti Creates is releasing a collection of Rockman/Mega Man music covered by a bunch of cool chiptune artists like virt, Hally, KPLECRAFT, and USK.There’s a sample at the site, but it sounds like a chunk of every track strung together, and is therefore a mess.

via Tiny Cartridge

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MDX Player for the PSP appeared

p9220003Thanks to the following tip from kami68k:

An MDX Player for the PSP appeared, its made by BouKiCHi:

more about MDX:

And on a sidenote, Naruto has announced a new Sound Driver for the Sharp X1 (why is everyone doing new Soundrivers lately?)

There is nothing to see yet though: