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“Robots. Lasers. Awesome.” -Nathan Meunier

It’s here! My new album is wrapped up, and you can buy it as a digital download over at CDBaby right this very second. “Robots. Lasers. Awesome.” is a rocking collection of indie tunes crafted with guitar, LSDJ, and an original DMG Game Boy system.

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The Beacon - Nathan Meunier

A decade of musical silence has ended. At times melodic, subdued, and hopeful, The Beacon tells a story of six string sorcery, 8-bit enchantments, and a renewed vigor for DIY multitrack recoring. Made with Nanoloop 2.3, a Game Boy Micro, and a guitar, this instrumental 8-bit indie rock e.p. is the first of many releases to come.

The Beacon « Nathan Meunier